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Looking to buy WoW Gold? But confused about the Best Places to Buy WoW Gold? Review the table below from a series of test to determine which site works best. You might also check out some of the best guides online for making money doing what you love to do–working with video games and social media. Video below.

Best Places to Buy WoW Gold

EpictoonReview IGEReview Guy4GameReview
Visit Website Visit Wesbite Visit Website
Price/10KGold $18.99 $24.38 $19.78
Check out this page for discount Epictoon Coupon IGE Coupon Guy4Game Coupon
WoW Gold Reviews: Ratings
Price 10 8 9
Speed 9 9 8
Security 10 10 9
WoW Gold Reviews: Other Services
WoWGold Yes Yes Yes
WoWAccounts No No Yes
WoWItems No No Yes
PowerLeveling No No Yes
WoW Gold Reviews: Customer Service
ChatSupport Yes Yes Yes
EMailSupport Yes Yes Yes
PhoneSupport No No Yes
OrderTracking Yes Yes Yes
WoW Gold Reviews: Payment
CreditCard Yes Yes Yes
Paypal Yes Yes Yes
MoneyBookers Yes Yes Yes
Visit Website Visit Website Visit Website

Also Recommended

Sites listed are ones that I do recommend and are okay to use; it so happens that after making a tally and further review, it turns out the Epictoon, IGE, and Guy4game hit the top 3 spots. I’m sure in time, the list will change and Best WoW Gold still rise.

WoW Gold Team

WoW Gold Team – WGT provides services such as WoW Gold, power leveling, game items and WoW account. They have this huge stock of gold for every server and faction so expect an instant gold delivery with 24 hr a day customer support, according to them. We can’t find any bad reviews on them but they had the spam issues.


Only4WoWGold is offers lots of services aside from selling wow gold. They also offer CD key, game items, accounts and powerleveling. It was found out that it was owned by Chinese site and associated with WoW Gold Team. Upon checking their prices, services, website and customer support Only4WoWGold is one I recommend to buy wow gold.


These are sites being listed and tagged as scammers and rippers, they also been blacklisted to other site for tons of complaints. We urge not to use them coz you might compromise your account even your own computer. We try to give you more inside details about them but for now here’s the list of site to avoid.


wow gold studio banner

WoW Gold Studio has a nice website layout and good prices. But they had this terrible speed delivery and not so good customer support that always keep you on queue. There are also tons of complaints against this company (listed above), which is alarming for first time gold buyer.. read full review.


ZYY provide different services like currency, powerleveling, game items and CD-keys for large variety of games.


I found WoWGold2k has lots of bad reviews, not a user friendly site and has a poor graphic design but their site is well optimized.


swagvault review

Swagvault has a nice website layout and customer support but reported that they have terrible service.

You might also want to check this site to buy WoW gold , recently updated. Also, don’t forget to check easy ways to make money online. 


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